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Projekt: MIRICO - "Human and Minority Rights in the Life Cycle of Ethnic Conflicts"


Leitung: MIRICO is co-ordinated by the Institute for Minority Rights of the European Academy Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC). The Scientific Director of the MIRICO Project is Prof. Joseph Marko, Director of the Institute for Minority Rights of EURAC. The MIRICO Project is funded under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission. The Participation of the Wilhelm Merton Centre in the MIRICO Project is coordinated by Prof. Hofmann.





Taking the Western Balkans as a case study, the aim is to develop a specific European concept of "Unity in Diversity" by providing conceptual frameworks and legal instruments which are balancing individual human rights and minority related group rights for the underlying problem of how to accommodate ethnic and cultural diversity in the necessary process of a re-construction of functioning states and civil and multi-ethnic societies.

The overall objective of the project is to analyse which status human and minority rights did and do have in all phases of ethnic conflicts, and, finally, in the phase of re-construction and reconciliation. As a parallel process the development of the EU foreign policy and its shift from re-active crisis management to regional stabilisation and association with the prospect of full EU-membership will be analysed.

MIRICO will apply a functional-structural approach that will lead to a set of institutional arrangements as ideal-types which are independent of specific countries or cultures. Through comparative study the project will seek to reveal functional equivalents which might not have been legally institutionalised. The approach applied throughout the project is multi- and interdisciplinary. Experts of history, political science, conflict resolution, comparative constitutional law, international law and EU law will co-operate and guarantee a broad approach which gives due account to sociological, political and legal factors.


Work Packages (WP):

The scientific objectives of MIRICO will be pursued through five work packages to which all partners contribute.

  • WP1: International Instruments and the role of international actors
Leader: Prof. Rainer Hofmann, Frankfurt

Human rights and minority standards linked to ethnic and cultural diversity

The interplay between CoE, OSCE, EU and NATO


  • WP2: Yugoslavia and the resulting conflict
Leader: Prof. Vojin Dimitrijevic, Belgrade

Human and minority rights under Yugoslav regime

Reports on Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo

Report on Macedonia

EU re-active crisis management

Synthetic report


  • WP3: Conflict-settlements
Leader: Prof. Armin Stolz, Graz

Reports on Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia

EU/CFSP influence on conflict settlements

Synthetic report


  • WP4: Reconstruction and reconciliation phases
Leader: Dr. Mitja Zagar, Ljubljana

Reports on Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia

EU policies and the SAA process

Reconciliation efforts

Synthetic report


  • WP5: EU Foreign policy, prevention and resolution of ethnically based conflicts
Leader: Prof. Stefan Wolff, Nottingham

Diversity management

EU interventions

EU Neighbourhood Policy

CFSP and the EU Constitution

Best practices of diversity management

Guidelines and Recommendations




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